deskIn the midst of a quarter life crisis, I succumbed to the post grad ‘find yourself’ season. Many of my friends have created these to bide time between coffee fetching jobs and moving back in with their parents, and I too now fall into that category. To cope with this I thought why not sharpen up my writing skills. One day these essays will be in Essence or Cosmo or a best selling novel, but lucky for you I’m giving you guys a free preview on this site. No this isn’t a personal diary, I can’t have you guys all up in my business. Well, maybe I will once I write my memoir or have a little less shame. However that doesn’t mean that this site isn’t going to be juicy.

This space is going to be filled with articles that we actually want to read. Amidst the tragic police brutality stories and pinterest style travel blogs. (Not that those aren’t important, in fact I have both of those as well because I’m multifaceted so click to see my other work.)

Here is my magazine before one finally hires me. Yet She Prevailed, for the women (and men and anyone who defies the gender binary as well as long as you enjoy my content) who need a good laugh after overcoming adversity time and time again. Enjoy.